FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

What happens on the day of my event?

On the day of your event, we will set up the photo booth at least one hour before your event begins. After the booth is set up, one of our professional attendants will be there to help with props, printing and sharing your photos.

How many photos do I get?

As many as you want! Typically, if you’re using a multiple photo option, you can expect 30-40 sessions per hour. With a single image selection, it is possible to accommodate up to 60 sessions per hour. Additional booths are available for larger events!

How much space will you need to set up a photo booth?

We will need a set up area of 10’ x 10’ complete with power and a 6-8’ table for props.

How does Depiction Photo Booth work?

It’s easy, grab your props (if desired), pose in front of the camera (you can see yourself on the live preview screen) and have fun! After you’ve taken your picture(s), a member of our team will help you print, share or email your photos.

How do I get my photos?

Depiction Photo Booths print photos in seconds after they are taken. Photos will also be sent to the host via digital delivery after the event. A flash drive can be provided for an additional cost at request of client.

How much do you charge?

Prices start at $795 for a three-hour event but there are several factors that affect pricing for our photo booths including the location and duration of your event. For a detailed quote, please fill out our online form - REQUEST A QUOTE.

How do Depiction’s Scrapbooking Services work?

Scrap booking is a great option to add some creativity to a traditional guest book. After your guests take their photos in the photo booth we will print a double 2 x 6” photo strip – one for your guests to keep as a souvenir and another for them to put in your guest book and sign. An attendee can set up a guest book table next to the photo booth and direct your guests throughout the scrap booking process. You are welcome to supply your own scrapbook and supplies.

What is green screen background replacement?

Looking for a one-of-a-kind background for your event? Depiction’s cutting-edge green screen technology allows you to choose from thousands of high-resolution backgrounds to customize your event.

You and your guests will pose for photos in front of a green screen. The software magically removes all the green, substituting it with your background image.

Greenscreen Example

What is your service area?

We are located in Palm Springs and primarily service all of Southern California – the Coachella Valley, Los Angeles, the Inland Empire, San Diego and Orange County. That said Depiction has worked all over the country, happily willing to travel.

Can I get Depiction for an outdoor event?

Yes, but sometimes direct light can affect picture quality. For this reason, we recommend that we set up under a shade structure or we can provide an EZ-Up for an additional cost. Also, being electronic, rain is our enemy.

How are Depiction Photo Booths different than the old-fashioned ones?

• Depiction is a portable, professional photography studio to give you the best quality images with our professional lighting and equipment
• Unlike a traditional photo booth that only takes headshots of a small group, the Depiction Photo Booth has an open design that can accommodate larger groups (usually 12-15 adults) and standing photos
• Depiction’s photos are high quality professional prints with accurate color that print almost instantly, not in several minutes
• With the Depiction Photo Booth you receive all of the pictures of your event so you can reprint and share your favorite photos
• Depiction Photo Booths can also create short videos, slow motion videos and animated gifs
• Your guests go home with a personalized souvenir. We offer custom backgrounds, graphic overlays, and other personalized design and layout features.